Allman's Electric Stove

NYT at it's finest. As if this situation hasn't been offensive and disrespectful enough to ours service men and women... now we're pointing fingers at Bergdahls' unit: CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY Judge Pirro unleashes... (5:38 … you call yourself....) Showtime climate change special with President Obama… "Conservative" Thomas Friedman lives up to rep as a suck up by asking the President if he just wants to "go off" on "climate Change deniers"... Obama answers that it doesn't matter what the cause. But it does…...
If he's such a hero… such a big deal.. .why no info? (1:16 whats going on in the hospital in germany?.....)
The offensive situation: (:35 since today is d day plus 70...) Fox and Friends like to put people on spot… 12 year old girl asked by Fox bimbette to sing my country tis of thee... (1:21 where are you from and how old)
Groveling apology: Daughtry for being asked impromptu for a patriotic song and getting flustered on D-Day. It’s not a good thing he couldn't sum something up but it's a bad thing he has to make some video apologizing. Pathetic. What a pansy.
Ken Luccioni says his son Matthew was killed looking for Bergdahl:
Jim Carafano not only a foreign policy expert weighing in on the Bergdahl controversy but also the author of TWO books on D-Day.