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Great reporter makes a sensational story ultra-sensational... from Ohio... the who what why where and when:
Video guilty pleasure of the day... snot swallowing KTVU reporter Heather Holmes... sucks it up: CLICK HERE
Hmm… wonder about the FCC newsroom police… well it appears Chairman Obama does have a problem with those who may watch the wrong newscast:
Jamie and and the Black Sphere discuss black preachers, Biden and the (blurry) view.
Jamie and Senator Blunt discuss the Pentagon's major cut to the defense budget, FCC police in newsrooms & what our Congressmen and woman & Senators can do to amend Obamacare.
Jindal doubles back on meeting at white house… the usual "you think that’s gonna happen"? CLICK HERE
Biden: Hillary wont effect Presidential decision:
Congresswoman Ann Wagner running for re-election and standing in line in Jeff City... Hear her thoughts on FCC police in newsrooms!