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Jamie talks to Tina Meier, mother of Megan Meier, about the Megan Meier foundation and the epidemic of bullying in this country. To find out more, visit the foundation's website:
This is pretty exciting (but let's face it, Carl is the most excited)... another teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie, coming out this Christmas! Photo courtesy
Click HERE for video Marco Rubio handles this question about gay marriage intelligently and with grace... he points out that although you may disagree with someone, it doesn't mean you're going to refuse to celebrate with them. And here is Sen. Cruz's similar take on the issue...
Here's video of the police officer intentionally hitting a suspect... people are in an outrage over the officer hitting the Arizona man with his car but this video shows his erratic behavior... this is just another form of using deadly force.
Britt McHenry ESPN belittling tow lot person in video .
McCaskill For Hillary "What Is The Far Left Going To Do? Embrace Ted Cruz?" w/ Chris Matthews