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Mother Jones smears gun rights advocates as anti-women based one big incident some dude at a firing range on mother’s day shooting and mom demanding action sign and grouping shots in the target they have in the poster. So now it’s a war against women:
William Kristol attacks Michelle Obama for hashtag on the missing girls...issue should be why Boko Haram was not terror organization... (1:49 i do think....)
Rick Santorum bravely goes on a libertarian show "the independents" on fox biz… introduced by Kennedy: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO Santorum gets confronted on mistaken idea that libertarians want no government Little crazy moment as hostess Kennedy asks santorum about government...
Today's Music : Anthem – US Navy Band 522 No Tell – Smoke & Jackyl 535 Orange Crush – REM 550 Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads 622 Need You Love – the Temper TrapHell 650 Baila Me – Gipsy Kings 725 Coming Home – Kaiser Chiefs 750 Brooklyn Is Burning – Head Automatica 822...
Left-wingers acknowledging Obamacare fails, illegal (and criminal) immigrants released & more...
Photo by The trailer for Patricia Heaton's mom’s night out... audiences love it critics don’t... go figure:
Photo by Race extortionist Jesse Jackson now wants to go after eBay and Google... some of the most successful companies around... says they are racist: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
If Senator Dianne Feinstein is making you look like left wing whiney and exploitive hack then you are in trouble... as was Andrea Mitchell:
LIBERAL sports writer William Rhodes talks about NBA and NFL "intolerance" debate and says being punished for words is dangerous: But Washington Post EDITOR Jonathan Capehart says it’s not a two way street it’s a one way street... WHOA. (:58 tolerance...)