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George Will picks up on the idea that we are just watching babies grow as stupid liberals discover that big government kind of blows when it comes to being reliable...or competent... I said earlier last week its like watching babies walk... CLICK HERE Share you comments with...
Saturday night live Spoofing Al Sharpton. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Boastful full of crap artist Mary Landrieau wants to go back to the US Senate using Obamacare as her claim to fame... conservatives use some alligator thingy... not enough but whatever: Share your comments with Jamie below!
Melissa Harris Perry on wealthy white men and Obamacare Share your comments with Jamie below!
See Protesters in Kiev Topple Lenin Statue as Rallies Grow in Ukraine. CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!
Extending unemployment benefits: nice window into their world of common sense conservatism... CLICK HERE Share your commens with Jamie below!
Janis Joplin Little Girl Blue....1969 on the Tom Jones Show: Janis Joplin and Dick Cavett in 1969 with a prophetic idea...concert promoters. Had we only knew!!
So a lot of talk about war on Christmas...not at the tax payer funded National Air and Space Museum....United States Air Force band....flash mob... Share your comments with Jamie below!
Carl's Childhood Christmas Memory...All of It... Carl tells the story of how his mother shut him up for Christmas.