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A special guest appearance from Fox New's John Roberts! He's a man with facts... he and Jamie discuss "bridge-gate", "promise zones" and more!
Sheila Jackson Lee with a new one: lets just change the word "welfare" : CLICK HERE
Tiny girl sets world record eating 72 ounce steak in 2:44. On January 3, 2014, Molly Schuyler took on the 72 oz. steak challenge at Sayler's Old Country Kitchen (Portland, OR). The accepted Guinness World Record for eating a 72 oz. steak was 6 minutes, 48 seconds by Peter...
Huffington post guys who no one watches cant see the irony of crappng on Megyn Kelly for not be noticed in a jeopardy question while being featured on a show n o one watches at all and ever....question: what keeps the huffington post ego in check?
Ft Lee Democrat mayor not so happy about Christie staff involvement in bridge controversy: CLICK HERE
Marco Rubio on fixing income inequality... Rubio on the 50th anniversary of the Johnson war on poverty:
Pam Geller with thought provoking new information on Bengahzi... a must hear! Today's Music : Anthem – US Navy 520 Sell It to You – Bronze Radio Return 537 Shakedown – Four80East 550 On the Road Again – Canned Heat 622 Dreams – the Cranberries 650 Enjoy the Silence – Depeche...