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Wow is Lupita Nyong'o cute! One of the greatest Oscar speeches of all time: CLICK HERE
Full glory of Jared Leto and his award his family. His story... and a message most of the academy doesn’t get most of those whores for oppression and Obama: Ohh the vine: The Ukraine!!!!
Jim Carafano brings us all the news on Ukraine, Russia, and what the defense cuts really mean for our nation. Today's Music : Anthem – Ricochet 520 Jealous Again – Black Crowes 537 Weighty Ghost – Wintersleep 550 After Midnight – Blink 182 620 Best of You – Foo Fighters 650 Over...
Come on Seth Rogan. There are three things wrong with this... ugh.
Everything you already needed to know and more about CNNs Don Lemon… highly paid anchor mouthpiece:
Seth Rogan complains that congress isn’t listening to his personal Alzheimer’s story... welcome to the club of people who aren’t listened to, Seth. Wish we could all stand together. Raise awareness about taxes: right wing zealot. Raise awareness about infringement on the bill of...