Allman's Electric Stove

OK so the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may just go Bud Dwyer I'm reserving judgment... Share your comments with Jamie below!
New Yorkers don’t like Melissa Bachman killing big game like she does... outrage ensues... although I have to admit looking at a picture of a dead lion with some chick on him kind of sucks: Share your comments with Jamie below!
Oprah gets stupid with convicted liar and fraud Al Sharpton...a real bummer of a turn of events for an otherwise cool woman in media with so much potential...I guess now that she doesn’t need to make money she can be her real self... Share your comments with Jamie below!
Wondering what Harvey Weinstein thinks about Obama and Obamacare... Weinstein is such a head in the sand left nut that he makes Piers Morgan look sane. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Oh, yeah and then when thugs assault people it’s called a "game"...hitting them on the head so hard it knocks them out...that’s not a game...that’s assault...but when it’s a group of blacks attacking non blacks it’s called a game... imagine back in the day ..when there was...
Jamie talks to the Gateway Pundit himself, Jim Hoft! Share your comments with Jamie below!
Miss any of the show today? Catch up with the Lightning Round! Here is today’s music: Anthem – Carrie Underwood 520 It’s Alright – Matt & Kim 537 Why Does My Heart Feel SO Bad – Moby 550 Ocean Breathes Salty – Modest Mouse 622 Madness – Muse 650 By the Way – Red Hot Chili...