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Whether you like your eggs scrambled or over-easy, we're pretty sure you like them Bird-Flu-free. Dr. Tobler answers the question on everyone's (Jamie's) mind: If a bird has the flu then lays an egg, then I cook and eat the egg, will I be at risk of obtaining said flu? And on a...
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She's not sure how people can make "some" (any) of the arguements they make against social security:
The 88 Times Hillary Clinton Said ‘Mmm Hmm’ During Her Meeting with New Hampshire Workers:
CBS’ John Dickerson on FTN: Clinton ‘Is Never Going to Look Like a Regular Person’
Former Gov Martin O'Malley (D-MD): "I'm Not Sure Why" Others Aren't Challenging Hillary Clinton <p>
In NH, Rand says Republicans will Criticize Obama, Hillary Over Libya but ”Would Have Done The Same Thing, Just 10 Times Over"