Allman's Electric Stove

The NYT and Obama administration smearing platoon of Bergdahl... Sgt Evan Buetow lays it out as some media begin covering for Obama and Bergdahl. SGT Buetow notes the main case on misfit unit is based on them digging trenches in 100 degree weather and tanking off their gear. (4:...
Media says it’s all GOP angry about the Bergdahl lack of briefing... not so as evidenced by CA democrat Adam Schiff: (:36 what’s your defense…)
Goof ball that is now the poster boy for conservative as far the media is concerned... he’s the one who shot all those people... dumb white guy joining legions opt dumb black guys in killing people... Chicago... 29 over the weekend… shot (3:28 that’s the courthouse.....) The famous "my government" quote: (1:04) CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO Pill popping and wine drinking on the set of prime time live: (:38...) CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO Diane Swayer and Hillary... Hillary claiming poverty and scraping together money for all those "houses"… hello Mitt!