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David Brooks... THE pansiest so called conservative around... says Obama has a manhood problem in the Middle East:
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Wow. And Jay Carney... a former journalist himself… thinks it’s a good thing that a comedian was tougher on Obama than any other journalist out there: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
The story of Melanie the Mississippi hair braider... who wanted to do it professionally but was blocked... proof everyone has a stake in lesser regulation… killing jobs:
The Hammer running the table on Obamacare... and Obama making stuff up. It is truly amazing... this Obama: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Obama makes it about the GOP---not the people. Because he can’t make it about the people. The people dont like Obamacare. So if he makes it seem like it’s the GOP fault… is dummies believe him. ALSO… what does the GOP do about Obamacare? They make it about the GOP... seats up...