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Sarah Palin has a message for her hecklers outside of SNL: Get a job! Really, she has a good point. Don't these people have anything better to do than wait outside of SNL late at night and heckle people? Photo courtesy
Check out this video of the great Lesley Gore singing "You Don't Own Me". That gaze! RIP Lesley.
Bill Clinton apologizes to Mexico for the war on drugs. He says "we did too good of a job" of taking away transportation, and he wishes they didn't have any problems. Photo courtesy
Click HERE for article YouGov asked white, black, and latino voters how they felt about gay marriage... some are surprised to see that the black voters were the most opposed to gay marriage. Many members of the black population are more conservative than a lot of people percieve...
Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel could NOT be happier about the thunder snow! Check out his extreme reaction in the video above. It's pretty cool, but he is freaking out! I guess when you're a weather guy, this stuff is especially exciting!
Jamie tells us about the four kinds of drivers in the snow.
Jamie talks to Jim Hoft about the recent Chapel Hill Muslim Shooting.
Laugh-In announcer Gary Owens has passed away. Check out his work on Laugh-In here. Plus, see a young Goldie Hawn on the show! \ Photo courtesy
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