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Senator Roy Blunt calls Jamie to talk about the ISIS vote.
Click HERE at video Ed Henry asks Josh Earnst about boots on the ground... the question is, whose boots will they be?
Click HERE for video Chris Cillizza, Kristen Welker, and Julie Pace of MSNBC think Biden's anti-semitism make him a "real" politician!
Kerry says he doesn't call what we call it, he cares about what we do and how we beat ISIL.
Click HERE for video Kerry claims Assad played footsie and because of that, we can't have confidence that he is willing to take on ISIL.
Click HERE for video Kerry says ISIS is not a state and they do NOT represent Islam.
Click HERE for video Paul rants about funding Syrian rebels, Obama, McCain, and Isis, and says we can't trust "moderate" fighters. Photo courtesy
Professor Taylor points out that African-Americans haven't reaped any benefits from the first black president, and instead are bearing more economic burdens. She also calls Holder's dispatch to Ferguson a sham.
Click HERE for video This is clearly no "junior varsity" video... They have some pretty goodproduction value going on here.