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p> It’s not to say the Redskin’s name isn’t offensive; the question is can a private owner be forced legally or otherwise to change the name of their team because of it?
• Mark Levin says it’s not about a new party. (2:43 the republican leadership…) • Levin….on the next election…. (5:16 you look at this...)
Toure on MSNBC apologizes for airing tape of Dave Chapelle cussing… and indeed what are the odds of Dave Chappelle cussing? Apology accepted.
Many thought Jamie wouldn't touch this, "with a ten-foot poll," but they were mistaken. Jamie not only explains the situation from the eyes of a former insider but reveals shocking information of blatant disregard for facts years ago from local media unable to hide now unable to...
Archbishop Carlson making a fool of himself and the Catholic Church in claiming he didn't know or remember of molestation of a child is a crime... this is sad. Once again... St. Louis reporters will ignore rigalis role... is PD had spent as such time smearing Burke as they did... White kids get killed at schools Obama seeks out a microphone like he's a divining rod... 29 shooting in Chicago over the weekend… ho hum... and he says his biggest frustration over the shooting is that his great ideas weren't listened to: (1:22 we're the only)... David Brat on Sean: (:26....) Eric Cantor humiliated in VA Congressional race by David Brat... Brit Hume: (1:26)