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Megyn Kelly and Britt Hume go humorously ape over Al Sharpton on the affirmative action Supreme Court decision:
Pine tar ejection… but didn’t help Pineda of the Yankees at all... as he pitched rather crappily... v Boston: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
David Novak the CEO of YUM! is under scrutiny for making "1,000 time's more than his employees"... well here's the deal... he could be the poster child of the "American Dream"... Jamie explains... Today's Music : Anthem – Oak Ridge Boys 522 Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club 535 You’...
Congresswoman Ann Wagner checks in to talk Obamacare, mid-term elections, and more!
Al Gore’s daughter gets married... nice video of bystander… then turns into an insufferable troll:
Terry Lynn Land... running for senate in Michigan… great ad… gets people thinking:
The hammer… how does a person become this articulate? Wow... on the affirmative action ruling:
Political royalty in its full glory... as Morning Joe says you just have to be happy with the queen Michelle being at your graduation… never mind it’s not about you... Scarborough is or was a moderate republican... no wonder we are where we are today… it’s about protests at a...
It was reported by nearly EVERY media outlet as the story of the injured being carried across the finish line. As heartwarming as that is... this video shows it clearly was not the case... WHY do they con't to report without fact checking? CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO