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The lovely Sandra Smith live from New York + a suprise guest!
CNNs Don Lemon on Laura Ingraham on Al Sharpton... pretty pedestrian but important: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Anthony Weiner digging in on sexting....with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos:
On arrest potential and not recieving a bill from BLM in over 20 years.
Ron Paul and organization campaign for liberty targeted by IRS to provide list of donors... Paul on Cavuto... fact is liberals need to support liberty minded folks who believe they are unfairly targeted… Paul points out the NAACP was first to fight against selective audits and...
Jamie brings you the outrageously incriminating Rory Reid interview and more! Today's Music : Anthem – Ricochet 522 Secret Crowds – Angels & Airwaves 535 Let’s Go – Matt & Kim 550 Jealous Again – Black Crowes 622 Love You Madly – Cake 650 Straight to Hell – the Clash 725...
Fresh off his hit this morning with Fox and Friends, Kevin Jackson chimes in on Nevada, racism and more!
ACH-I-LES? Wow... IU honors student gets “Mythological Hero Achilles” wrong to lose out on one million dollars and a car and a euro trip:
Rand Paul defends the Bundy family (host also points out the cattle roam on public land all the time… so now we have to listen to left wing demand personal responsibility from cows even when they don’t from their constituents. Like when the pushed Obamacare because they were...