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Dr. Ben Carson mesmerizes on the View. Whoopi raises a point and Carson hands her an amen and then offers a solution she hasn't thought of...amazing: (5:31) Carson is asked about welfare by the dude on the show... and instead of getting what I think they wanted… some attack of...
Photo by Chelsea Clinton's mother-in-law runs and loses... CNN reports:
What do Americans ACTUALLY care about? Today's Music : Anthem – The Band Perry 522 Sprawl II – Arcade Fire 535 Trojans – Atlas Genius 550 I Miss You – Blink 182 622 On the Road Again – Canned Heat 650 Little Games – the Colourist 725 Superfly – Curtis Mayfield 750 I Miss You –...
Touring the country in the Todd Starnes wagon, he shares his stories from the road!
Jay Carney : VA problems and abuse… we saw it on TV like everyone else:
Photo by Michelle Obama blathering lecturing momma: (:13...) Rience Priebus: (1:46 its her party thats decided...)