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Harry Reid and how conservatives helped Putin we think: CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO
Boring girl power thingy from Sarah Palin is predictably boring:
Cool… Nick Cannon… whoever you are... in white face you’ve got a white people music thing coming up but you’re black… I love it... he’s in white face… which frees us all... I love it... the more off the grid these guys are the better it gets for common sense... yah that’s Connor...
The Lightning Round! Today's Music : Anthem – The Band Perry 522 Nothing Left to Say – Imagine Dragons 535 Right Here Right Now – Jesus Jones 550 And Roses and Roses – Astrud Gilberto 622 Apartment – Young the Giant 650 The Silence - Bastille 725 Love Lost – the Temper Trap 750...
The Gateway Pundit , Jimmy Hoft, and Jamie discuss President O's trip to the Vatican & more.
Let me let the young ones address how horrible it was to see the Obama administration lead the attack on Drudge when he talked about paying Obama penalty: CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO
Michelle and her "husband" speak in China through Michelle... great she is talking freedom… though... but is it so hard to talk about the "president"? I dunno: