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Watch the latest video at President Obama threw a big shin-dig for Pope Francis and the guest list caused all sorts of controversy. A gaggle of gay activists were invited to scarf down cocktail weenies at the White House -- along with an openly gay Episcopal...
Hillary doesn't give a flying rats *** about the safety of Americans. Gun and ammo manufacturers are given immunity, “shielding them from a wide range of conduct,” ( ) and trial lawyers hate it. There are plenty of people just itching to sue Smith and Wesson and...
Jamie Allman welcomed John Brunner into the studio to make a big announcement regarding his bid for Missouri's Governorship. Watch the Video Video Not Found
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Rob and Jamie discuss the upcoming post season. Whichever team the Cards face -the Cubs or the Pirates- it's sure to be a tough match up!
Jay and Jamie discuss the dangers that would be included if Syria was declared a no-fly zone.
John Brunner joined Jamie in-studio to announce his run for Governor of Missouri!
Jim and Jamie go over the New York Times article on Melania Trump that had to be corrected FIVE times.