Allman's Electric Stove

Touring the country in the Todd Starnes wagon, he shares his stories from the road!
Jay Carney : VA problems and abuse… we saw it on TV like everyone else:
Photo by Michelle Obama blathering lecturing momma: (:13...) Rience Priebus: (1:46 its her party thats decided...)
Horsey can wear nose strips... as told by crack head: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Deborah Allen on Sean Hannity… Vietnam veteran Husband Mel goes through VOCare as in Obamacare:
Photo by Mookie Wilson on Laura... on baseball and winning… totally disagree: (2:23..when youre playing baseball....) Mookie Wilson on Michael Sam... Notice how he says if you’re going to put it in front of me… then I’m going to react: ( have to love...)...
Grover Norquist fills us in on MO taxes versus the rest of the country... Today's Music : Anthem – US Navy Band 522 Take on Me – a-ha 535 Love in an Elevator – Aerosmith 550 Luck – American Authors 622 Broken Ocean – Bronze Radio Return 650 Act Naturally – Buck Owens 725 Wicked...
Jamie and Jim discuss Ben Carson schooling David Gregory on slavery & KTVI reveals what local Obamacare contractors are doing durning their work day...
Jerry Brown… right wing to blame for wildfires: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO