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The Hammer says it’s a no way we elect Hilary just because she’s a woman... O’Reilley interrupts at perfect time for him... always happens:
Inside the mind of a living breathing bozo who speaks ion the language of a 15 year olds term paper… then you have Chris Hayes....just love watching these left wing extremists engage in left wing pedantic yoga... Hayes on climate change:
Lindenwood University Shotgun Sports Team Inaugural Sporting Clays Classic April 26, 2014 CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
Ted Cruz on no wonder normally calm people are flipped over the Bundy ranch battle: (8:55 for five years....) CLICK HERE TO HEAR INTERVIEW
Alabama Representative Steve Hurst with an interested float... only in Alamaba: CLICK HERE TO VIEW FLOAT AND READ ARTICLE
Megyn Kelly and Britt Hume go humorously ape over Al Sharpton on the affirmative action Supreme Court decision:
Pine tar ejection… but didn’t help Pineda of the Yankees at all... as he pitched rather crappily... v Boston: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
David Novak the CEO of YUM! is under scrutiny for making "1,000 time's more than his employees"... well here's the deal... he could be the poster child of the "American Dream"... Jamie explains... Today's Music : Anthem – Oak Ridge Boys 522 Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club 535 You’...