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The Gateway Pundit , Jimmy Hoft, and Jamie discuss President O's trip to the Vatican & more.
Let me let the young ones address how horrible it was to see the Obama administration lead the attack on Drudge when he talked about paying Obama penalty: CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO
Michelle and her "husband" speak in China through Michelle... great she is talking freedom… though... but is it so hard to talk about the "president"? I dunno:
Richard Wolffe 2016 on MSNBC 2103... where did he go? Search is on:
NBC to Carter..does the president ask you for advice? Carter says Obama is spying on him...? What is the secret the magic of Jimmy Carter... imagine GW or even Reagan being asked the CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO
Racist Hillary Clinton is concerned about the direction of the country… thank goodness some Indian chick asked the big question at the Jimmy Kimmel whatever the hell it was wherever the hell it was... plus Hillary lauded the Indian girl for being so well spoken… which was a plus...
The Lightning Round! Obama following in Pelosi's footsteps... Pelosi contridicting herself (surprise, surprise) and CNN is surprisingly supportive of Rand Paul.