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Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with Jamie’s interview with last night's guest on Hardball with Chris Matthews - Jim Carafano from
Channel 4 gleefully rams it up the rear of Channel 5... 5 reporting they just walked right in but 4 reporting they had to be buzzed in... but again… they never identified themselves... (guy with gun...suspicious student who doesn’t know... shot down by gun? jeez....stupid)
Bridge tied to Christie... Benghazi tied to to... well? well? well? it’s not tied to anyone so says the Hammer:
Haven’t heard from this FOP in a while...Laurence O’Donnell… he’s been busy writing ads for politicians against Chris Christie:
Video story on undercover school investigation from KDSK:
RIP Russell Johnson… the professor... Gilligan’s island...great story here about his upbringing..and how amazing it is this generation of deeply appreciative Americans is dying he is talking about how...he was signed away by his mom to an orphanage...but wait for the...
Harvey Weinstein demonstrates the luxury of being a Jew who doesn’t have to worry about Nazis any more in the comfort of America... as he promises a war against the NRA as he talks to Howard Stern about a new movie no one will watch....complete with the Meryl Streep sad face:
Army Chaplain Nicholas Purpora as the New Jersey legislature tries to limit magazines and institute numerous gun laws:
Worried about marijuana are ya? How about this legal drug...Risperdal?