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CPAC proves some people are not ready for prime time as the President of the largest and most prolific publisher of conservative books is referred to as president of "regancy publishing"...when it’s the famous Regency:
Obama with foreign journalists… Obamacare is working the way it should… he’s right. (btw on one hand the left wing extremists tout Obamacare as a humane program on the other they tout it as a hey we are here to kick ass on the siphon uninsured) lets adopt some new language.
NBC uses the term right wing… would never use left wing... Kelly O’Donnell introduced by painted eyebrow man Brian Williams...
FBN's Sandra Smith brings us talks of Ukraine, rising gas prices and bacon... yes bacon... they pertain to the markets! Today's Music : Anthem – the US Navy Band 520 Closer – the Urge 537 The General Specific – Band of Horses 550 Get Home – Bastille 620 Dreams – the Cranberries...
Jimmy Hoft the gateway pundit helps short through the Issa distraction and Obama nonsense!
Rodney Boyd of Insider Talk has (pun intended) Insider information concerning our beloved House Speaker Tim Jones & Jane Cunningham.
Russian anchor quits on air: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO