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Obama and family shop at bookstore... but I thought liberals read all the time… which is why they ask every Republican what books they read... so why is it news when the Prez buys a book... and keep in mind he can’t even answer a direct question when he’s asked about shopping...
Left uses man dressed up as Santa to get the real peg on the news story… Breitbart fell for it and said "Santa" was arrested... but news media got it right this time: Share your comments with Jamie below!
Nigerian survives 3 days in shiprweched veseels Aussie divers get him out. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Auburn radio call... first tape on page. Btw: notice no one lit any fires, turned over cars, shot anybody or beat anyone’s butt? CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!
Ron Burgundy in Bismarck: CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!
Mark Dice spends his Thanksgiving hollering at people about destroying the holiday and families spending their thanksgiving not spending time with family and shopping… while he spends time away from his family yelling at strangers. What a tool. Share your comments with Jamie...
Knowshon Moreno of the Broncos cries a bucketload during National Anthem... Share your comments with Jamie below!
Peggy Noonan nails the "website" problem... which isn’t really a website problem at all in reality: Once again… Republicans like Tom Cole of Oklahoma not focusing on you… but on how this affects the president… why? Because they are only looking to 2014 and not trying to convey...
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