Allman's Electric Stove Lisa (Montgomery) Kennedy chimes in on Bergdahl, VA & more!
Sharyl Attkisson spills there beans on network news... and local news: (3:27)
PR Photos Van Jones continues the passive aggression... whoever called Obama a traitor? Typical of the thoughtless left....
Roger Simon thinks that the soldiers attacking Bergdahl are mentally unstable: (1:05… I agree…) Chris Matthews wonders about the 30 day rule.... and Col. Morris Davis says it was all part of a larger bill... but the President did have authority... weird thing is the general doesn't get Matthews confusion:
The Chiquita Banana Controversy: CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE
• "Producer" Luke Tomlinson asking state dept. spokesperson Marie Harf about desertion... love the whole "fact pattern" thing… seemed like amateur hour: (:25 does the state department....) • Always relentless general Ralph Peters: (1:52 she's a liar....) • Ralph Peters is pissed...
© PRN / JERRY Lewis admits he was an ass... Dean Martin lives: Awkward Jerry Lewis and Martin moment as done by Frank: Sinatra nails for once in my life: