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LOVE this...Rand Paul off mic with Mitch McConnell...even after McConnell telegraphed to him he’s "all wired up" which adds to Paul that he didn’t get the message and didn’t care... Share your comments with Jamie below!
I’m convinced now that Fox News is trying to be more like James Rosen makes an impassioned defense of Obamacare by comparing it to the space program...or the defeat of fascism....on O'Reilly...and O'Reilly doesn’t smoke him...he even arrogantly says he’s going to...
Jamie brings you ingorant Harry Reid, lying McDonald's workers & race baitng Marting Bashir. Anthem – Charles Glenn 520 Miricle Mile – Cold War Kids 537 If You Didn’t See Me – Dale Earnhardt Jr. 550 Symphonies – Dan Black 637 Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker 648 Rainy Monday –...
Jamie chats with Senator Blunt about the Sentors decision concerning the gov't shutdown. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Ben Carson says targeted by IRS: Share your comments with Jamie below!
Boehner after White House... notice Marine in background as people walk out the door and ignore him that he has opened it for them… anyway… Boehner Share your comments with Jamie below!
Jan Helfeld with Harry Reid...on taxation…proving just how ignorant Harry Reid is...and wait til you hear him talk about "those" countries where the EMPLOYER is made to take out taxes... Share your comments with Jamie below!
It’s a Democrat war on women who want to go to the arch...oh… and also kids who need cancer solutions… Even CNN turning on Democrats who refused to go along with GOP idea to fund extra necessary gov’t programs. Share your comments with Jamie below!
You heard Wall Street Journal's Steven Moore speaking with Jamie about the "49er's". Now hear what economic author Jed Graham from Investor's Business Daily has to say about the business's most affected by Obamacare. Anthem – The Band Perry 520 Not the Doctor – Alanis Morissette...