Allman's Electric Stove

Most Horrible network in one minute or so:
The Hammer buzzes the beehive and advocates a higher minimum wage just not at 15:
MSNBCs Wes Moore who figured out a way not to look bald by just shaving his head... with Dr. Nancy Snyderman who figured out a way to not look like an old bag by stretching her face to look like Joan Rivers... anyway... they both seem to have great solutions for helping their...
Part of Holiday spent listening to the Left's version of Buckwheat lecturing me on the Duck Dynasty dude... Oh yeah it's Michael Eric Dyson not to be confused with Michael Dyson...because Michael Eric is better... after all and everything.
Have a great weekend. Enjoy The Week That Was and here is this week's music (from the people who were not Jamie): 12/24/13 Anthem – Mormon Tabernacle Choir 520 Barack-O Claus is Coming to Town – Parody song 537 Merry Christmas Baby – Bruce Springsteen 550 Little Drummer Boy –...
A Sneek Peak into Jamie's Christmas Cave You surely know how seriously Jamie Allman takes well as decorating for Christmas. Here's a sneek peak at what Jamie's Christmas Cave looks like. You'll notice some Allman in the Morning shout-outs among the decorations.
It's the O Holy Night off MegaMix with 11 different versions of the song. Share your thoughts with Jamie below!
The classic Physics of Santa story. Jamie with JC Corcoran from 1995. Share your thoughts with Jamie below!
Caller Jane tried to have "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire." It did not turn out as she thought. Here is today’s music: Anthem – Oak Ridge Boys 520 O Holy Night – Andy Williams 537 Cool Yule – Louis Armstrong & the Commodores 550 I Don’t Want This Night to End – Luke...