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As Jamie suspected the issues surrounding the Normandy-Riverview Gardens transfer situation have been brewing long before the story became what it is today. From Fox 2s You Paid For It, Elliott Davis has been on the story for years now. Hear what Elliott has to say about what it...
Jamie and Kevin Jackson help clear up some questions about the NC Voter ID Bill issue and Project 21's involvement. Plus: Kanye West a hypocrit? Share your comments with Jamie below!
Liberal reporting hack interviews liberal polling hack Ken Warren...often used to handicap races…a totally blathering sound bite whore. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Kanye loves guns....or protection against for those of us who can’t afford anti kidnap cars...could Kanye give us poor people the right to bear arms? Share your comments with Jamie below!
Oh how lovely, a convenience store confrontation ends peacefully and without nary a quaint. (Sometimes just acting more bizarre than your attacker works.) Share your comments with Jamie below!
Even stupid white people like me know who Medgar Evers was...if this were Ted Cruz…or Rand Paul...their careers would be over....if this were Anthony Weiner....oh yeah he’d still be running for mayor...keep in mind...the Clown Princess is reading from a script... Share your...
Ann Coulter says Ted Cruz may not be eligible of prez. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Liberal Public Media hack Charlie Rose decides Rand Paul has to prove himself as an adequate pursuer of common ground with the White House in order to be acceptable...Rand Paul is patient…as usual. Norah O’Donnell she of pink eye Paul a chance to talk about...
As always Todd Stanres pushes the evelope with his news coverage. He and Jamie chat about the first transgender bathroom and his "Lazy-eyed clown stalker"...silly TOdd. Share your comments with Jamie below!