Allman's Electric Stove

Tim Fitten president of judicial watch says EVERYTHING the government does is backed up and saved. The issue with retrieving? Too much work. Irony.
An anonymous St. Louis County police officer sends Jamie a gift for his support of law enforcement as MSM and local politicians demonize the image of police.
Jamie and Jim discuss the continuation of the issues in Ferguson. A pro-Wilson rally ignites more controversy and somebody named Russell Brand runs his mouth...
It seems the left may be even harder on the President (at least when it comes to golfing) than the right. Jamie still stands by , "let him golf...", he'll screw less up if he's on the course keeping his mouth shut:
Here's a look at a pro-Wilson rally that took place in St. Louis over the weekend:
It's clear what Rand is doing here. Hillary stinks to high-heaven with all of the foreign policy catastrophes she participated (or led) in. Did Obama put her in that position purposely? Who knows but it would seem Rand's capitalizing on it here. It's too bad Rand thought he...