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Jamie and Jim Carfano talk about El Faro and why it sank during Hurricane Joaquin.
Rob Rains and Jamie discuss the Cards Vs. Cubs NLDS series - which starts tonight!
St. Louis County Police Officer Robert Hayden of the Affton Southwest Precinct has been battling cancer for the past year. After several unsuccessful attempts at treatment, Bob has moved on to a clinical trial. The St. Louis County Police Welfare Association is having a BBQ and...
Donald Trump explained to a crowd in Waterloo, Iowa WHY he often doesn't finish his sentences... kind of a flattering response... he says his supporters are smart and don't need him to finish! Check out his comments around 27:00. Photo courtesy
Claire McCaskill went on Morning Joe to talk up Hillary, but she got more than she bargained for when she was called out for lying about Todd Aiken! Click HERE for the video! Photo courtesy
GQ has chosen to disrespect Ben Carson with the name of this article... why is this okay? If they used this title for President Obama they would be called racist. Click HERE for the article. Photo courtesy
Chris Wallace and Jamie talk about the upcoming Cards vs. Cubs series!
5:25 The National Anthem – Charles Glenn 5:35 I Am - AWOLNATION 5:50 Cardiac Arrest – Bad Suns 6:37 Symphonies –Dan Black Symphonies - Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi 6:50 Secondary Modern – Elvis Costello 6:20 Ooh La La – Faces 7:35 The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald – Gordon Lightfoot...
"I don't understand the president," he said. "Christians were martyred (in Oregon)...We're seeing it not only in the Middle East but we're beginning to see it in the United States and the president is silent." Graham also went on to defend Dr. Ben Carson against Mainstream Media...