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The 88 Times Hillary Clinton Said ‘Mmm Hmm’ During Her Meeting with New Hampshire Workers:
CBS’ John Dickerson on FTN: Clinton ‘Is Never Going to Look Like a Regular Person’
Former Gov Martin O'Malley (D-MD): "I'm Not Sure Why" Others Aren't Challenging Hillary Clinton <p>
In NH, Rand says Republicans will Criticize Obama, Hillary Over Libya but ”Would Have Done The Same Thing, Just 10 Times Over"
Now Ted Cruz is on John Harwood's horribly mic-ed CNBC show "Speak Easy" - National Review Is Wrong, I’m Not ‘Arrogant Snot’
This is what was going on at Valdosta University (in Georgia) for 3 days...The campus refused to do anything about it ... So Michelle Manhart decided to get the flag and give it the respect it deserved... It has echoes of 1976 & Rick Monday
Trump in NH: ‘If I Win ... And I Have a Great Chance ... I Will Make This Country Great Again’ He said it also at the NRA event last week: