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Great catching up with Congressman Blaine Leukthemeyer! Find out what's on his plate in DC.
I think I love this left winger Cenk Uygur… formerly of MSNBC… who teachers conservatives a lesson in squishiness but exposing the squishy proposition from none other than Toure... the arrogant one name left winger is busy being the boy charged with promoting Hillary on MSNBC…...
Did we need to know… the Iranian American prisoners and how they did it in jai:
Jamie makes another prediction... plus Hitlers back in the media... find out why! Today's Music : Anthem – the Band Perry 522 Waves – Blondefire 535 Talk Show on Mute – Incubus 550 In Between Days – the Cure 622 Ashes to Ashes – David Bowie 650 Hard Sun – Eddie Vedder 725 Shake...
Jamie and Kevin discuss the 123 day's of silence on Obamacare + plutocrats and horrible Nacy Pelosi.
Yoga pants prank dude wears pink hoodie and acts like a girl gets… guys to like is butt:
Belle Knox complains the war on women is alive and well through reaction to porn: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
Libertarian Gary Johnson exemplifies the very reason libertarians don’t get a lot of republicans and other conservatives on their side… look at their lists of his agenda items: