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Taking the time out of her travels to Nebraska for a Rutgers game, Jen joins the show, live! We just love her!!!!! Jamie even made a care package and Jen surprised him with a gift too:
Our esteemed State Senator Jamilah Nasheed was arrested over the weekend in Ferguson. Reportedly intoxicated and carrying a weapon (neither of which she was charged for). A Ferguson Police Officer involved in making the arrest called with the real story: KMOV Reports Arrest:
Insufferable Gov. Nixon refuses to answer questions about his "vigorous prosecution" (of Officer Wilson) comment. Thankfully, Adam Sharp doesn't let it go: .
Yes, it's still all about OBAMA. Earnest if Dems Lose the Senate Obama will Get his Share of the Blame: Obama on Dem Senate Candidates; "Allies and Supporters" of his:
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What side is the doc on? Are people overreacting to a threat of Ebola or not taking enough care... Here's with Dr. Tobler thinks:
A Minnesota woman has decided to use her first amendment right to infringe on one man's second amendment right as she puts up a sign (picture and all) revealing his decision to conceal and carry. CLICK HERE TO READ STORY BROUGHT TO YOU BY