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Obama whore Chris Hayes… who after ratings hit rock bottom started to wear a tie… they even changed camera angle to have Chris Hayes looking over us... to make him bigger... still isn't smartened up to the ways of his liberal masters… as they say they delay in Obamacare is just...
Chris Christie reacts to allege bogus activity by aide that says his name is on... with Diane Sawyer:
Jamie and Jim talk Ballpark village, N. Korea, gov't regulations v private establishment, college football unions, Hobby Lobby and more!
Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with Jamie’s discussion of Democratic corruption. Plus today’s music. 3/27/14 Anthem – Charles Glenn 522 Rivertrance – String Cheese Incident 535 Little Games – the Colourist 550 Charlie Brown – Coldplay 622 On a Cloud – PPP 650...
Bruce Braley in Iowa doesn't want control of the senate going to republicans... wants to hold on to seat... takes a shot at republican Chuck Grassley:
What happens when modern left wing senators don’t have constitutional educations or any familiarity with the construct of American government… you get dumb as a bag of hair senators like Patty Murray of Washington:
Dumb white man ruins the whole moment as he makes it all about him:
Pam Geller, Atlas Shurgs , gives us the scoop on foreign policy. Today's Music : Anthem – Oak Ridge Boys 522 Take On Me – a-ha 535 Stellar – Incubus 550 Wishing Well – the Airborne Toxic Event 622 Always Something – Cage the Elephant 650 Straight On – Heart 725 Life of Illusion...
Find out The Black Sphere's take on the Hobby Lobby case + what does the Ball Park Village dress code actually mean?