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Veteran Affairs Secretary Robert Mcdonald will not apologize for comparing wait lists to Disneyworld wait lines.
Donald Trump says his rallies are the safest place on Earth as protesters are escorted out of a Trump rally in Syrcuse, NY.
Fox News is disappointed that Secretary Hillary Clinton declined invitation to debate with Senator Bernie Sanders. Could this decline be an opportunity missed or part of her campaign strategy?
Paulding County, Georgia lost 79 of their sons and daughters on foreign battlefields — defending our land so that our sons and daughters might grow up to be free men and free women. So it only seemed fitting that the citizens of Paulding County honor their heroes. And they did...
"....Another mode of a reality show just to a larger audience and a different vain. I don' think it's going to be sufficient it maybe part of his necessary but the sufficient part will be a robust policy campaign," Dr. Randy Tobler. Tobler and Jamie discuss:
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Yes, this man just compared our Veteran's waiting an inexcusably long time for proper health care to roller coaster lines at Disney. Disgusting. Thank you Disney for squashing that comparison: via The Red State