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Not sure that's exactly accurate. There has never been another "non-incumbent" candidate with as much political power and influence:
Intersting. Democrat Jack Reed says given the right circumstances the U.S. may need to send ground troops to Iraq. However, it is unlikely that President Obama will go that route. He has made a point to comment or stick his nose in nearly every foreign conflict yet refuses to...
At least this anchor realized immediately she was being punked:
Anthem – The Fray 520 A Life of Illusion – Joe Walsh 550 Hang on St. Christopher – Tom Waits 620 Geronimo – Sheppard 650 Eyes – Rogue Wave 720 Turn of the Century – Yes 750 Come With Me Now – Kongos 820 Close to Me – The Cure 835 Dreams – The Cranberries 850 Don’t Fence Me In –...
Jimmy Carafano has the low down on the terrorist group ISIS that has been making the news for their heinous acts of violence world-wide. Who are they, how do they stack up to other terrorist groups, and how is Obama handling representing our nation in response?
Lt. Governor Kinder has been one of the biggest critics of the catastrophic mishandling of Ferguson by Governor Nixon. He joins Jamie to talk about events, motive and ultimate outcome:
President went back to his vactation while the world continues to burn... well we like him there as he can do the least amount of damage but MSNBC is finally noticing a trend??
The Hammer say's people are sick of it... well Charles, we certainly are: