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The Gateway Pundit joins Jamie to discuss the controversy a-twitter over a handful of Superbowl XLIX. Girls rule? Bringing back the horse? and more!
The rooooooooadddss... What's going to happen with that proposed toll road? Who's driving on cobblestone? Rodney answers these questions and more:
What Huckabee is saying we agree with (for the most part). Businesses shouldn't be forced to make cakes for people they don't want to. And you know that government getting the helloutta marriage period would end all 'who gets to be married' arguments... However, where Huckabee...
Sen Lindsay Graham (R-SC) claims to be the most qualified (from the GOP side) to head national security. He may be right. We're skeptical about a 2016 Graham ticket but maybe Secretary of State?
Why Rep. Paul Ryan has to take time out of his interview to explain the separation of power to NBC's Chuck Todd is beyond us. However, it is, as they say, what it is. And we wonder why our nation has such a hard time with constitutionality... ha:
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This isn't actualy Hillary and Jeb but the actors nailed it. Seriously, it's a great Hillary impression! This is an interesting way to expose problems with candidates without actually slamming them... let them slam themselves. Well played Paul, well played:
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace join Jamie this morning to discuss all things in the Wallace household. Most importantly... food! Mrs. Wallace has a new cook book out! CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY !
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