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Dr. Tobler say Jamie is spot on. Trump would have been smart to wait for Hillary to destroy herself on Wallace's show before taking anymore interviews. Hear their discussion below:
Judge Nap has reason to believe that the Obama administration is perpetuating the idea that the Russian's were involved in the leak of DNC e-mails because the US government is actually responsible. Hear his interview with Jamie below:
Jamie and Brian discuss the aftermath of Hillary's interview with Wallace and Trump's interview with Stephanopoulos.
Not every Sander's supporter can get behind the Hillary camp. In fact, some of those supporters are turning to team Trump.
When Patricia Smith began making claims that Hillary Clinton lied to her about the circumstances surrounding her son's death in Benghazi the liberal media basically turned their backs on the story. Chris Matthews is pounding on a woman's speech that no one heard because no one...
Trump has made a few missteps in regards to the Khan family controversy. However, Hillary Clinton has faced little backlash amid claims by Patricia Smith that she lied about the death of her son Sean Smith in Benghazi.
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Todd Starnes reporting on the case of mistaken doughnut glaze identity. An Orlando man was arrested after a routine traffic stop led to police mistaking Krispy Kreme doughnut glaze for cocaine and crystal meth. Hear this hilarious story and more below:
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