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Rob Rains speaks with Jamie about the Rio 2016 Olympics and Cardinals Baseball. Hear the interview below:
Trump hilariously explains "babygate" - highlighting media malpractice and his sense of humor: Video: Trump, in Iowa, is re-litigating the crying baby moment at FL rally: “this baby could have been Pavarotti!” — Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) August 5, 2016
Bush speaks about uniting behind GOP nominee Donald Trump. Watch video below:
Jay Stewart speaks with Jamie about Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States Gary Johnson. Hear the interview below:
Rodney Boyd speaks with Jamie about Eric Greitens and if he can make it as the GOP Missouri Governor as an outsider. Hear the interview below:
Jim Hoft speaks with Jamie on mother of crying baby backing Trump and another official who was helping the U.S. leaving because of careless Hillary. Hear the interview below: For more from The Gateway Pundit: 1.) WILL MEDIA APOLOGIZE TO TRUMP? Mother of Crying Baby...
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