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Rand Paul has recently come out and said 'if he were president...he'd consult with congress and take action in the middle east'. It's refreshing to hear a politician and potential 2016 canditate use the phrase, "if I were president". It is also interesting that he deviates from...
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Progress? In keeping with current times the MSM has found a fluff piece and cleverly added a Happy Days reference. The real kicker here though, these typically left-leaning outlets are calling THIS fetus a baby. Guess the thumbs up give it some cred:
Jamie's friend "the Hookman" kills it with this theme song to the film Spanish Lake
"Belleville" trailer - click SHARE to share this with your friends! from on Vimeo .
Earnest answers the question! Just kidding... here's how it went:
Awe, Rachel. Obama didn't instruct the press he really just has no idea what's going on with ISIS and has nothing to make up for you. You would like the idea of him telling you what to report wouldn't you?