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Credit: Getty Images These poor saps fell right into the false information trap. No, Hillary did not drop out of the race, however unfortunate that may be.
Credit: Getty Images The vice presidential debate is taking place tonight in Farmville, VA. Hear Brian and Jamie discuss what to expect. Also, Brian's book "Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates" is now available in paperback. Pre-order your copy, here!
Credit: Getty Images Ben Carson joins the cast of OutNumbered to discuss Trump's leaked tax documents. On the topic of financial loss, Carson points out that nearly every successful business man or inventor has failed. He refers to the quote by Thomas Edison, "I have not failed...
Credit: PRPhotos National Anthem - Ricochet 522 Coming Of Age - Foster The People 535 Break On Through (To The Other Side) - The Doors 548 Top - Hoonch 610 Life Of Illusion - Joe Walsh 622 That Old Black Magic - Louis Prima and Keely Smith 635 My Trigger - Miike Snow 710 Lonely...
Credit: Getty Images Todd Starnes joins the show pre-VP debate. He also brings an update of the marching band at East Carolina University who was booed for pulling the ole 'take a knee' during the national anthem.
Credit: Getty Images Donald Trump is under fire for the following answer regarding PTSD among our service members. When he says some are "strong" he doesn't mean others are not. Jamie explains that his son, Ethan, had a hard time with some of the things he witnesses during his...
Good morning you bunch o' drunks! Watch Allman in the Morning LIVE below: Today's "Show Sheet" 5:22 – National Anthem 5:50 – Todd Starnes 6:22 – Lightning Round 6:50 – Brian Kilmeade 7:37 – John Hancock 8:10 – Dr. Randy Tobler 8:37 – Doug Giles
Credit: Getty Images Jay Stewart speaks about Evan McMullin, the conservative independent that is running for PotUS. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Rodney Boyd speaks with Jamie about polling in the statewide election and the 12% of people who are undecided with only six weeks left until the Presidential election. Listen to interview below: