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Todd says the shooting victims in Orlando are more specifically victims of political correctness.
Jamie catches up with Maria Bartiromo and talks about weird experiences she has had on live TV as well as Hillary's tax reform putting America in more debt. Hear on demand below: Photo by:
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Jamie talks to Sharyl Attkisson about the legal issues of Obama endorsing Hillary and what's coming up this week on her Television program Full Measure . Hear On Demand below:
Katie Couric is accused of manipulating the editing of her 2014 documentary Fed Up. See video below: To read full article, click here . Photos By:
When it comes to eating at a barbecue joint there’s an unspoken code of conduct. You don’t order salad, you don’t use a fork and if you’re a cross-dressing cowboy with an affinity for stiletto heels – you don’t use the ladies room. And that brings me to a story from the pages of...