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Jamie and Jimmy discuss updates from the Ferguson case. A fake coroner, a white-liberal guiltest gets beat up and more!
Chris Christie... on Ferguson: (2:02 i just don't believe) Chris Christie on Jay Nixon even though it’s couched:(2:22 politicians...)
John, a Ferguson police officer, called this morning to share what's going on from the law enforcement perspective in Ferguson. John also claims to have met Wilson on multiple occasions and can speak to his character:
Despite what the MSM would have you believe, there has not been a long history of officer related shootings in Ferguson, MO. O'Reilly explains (1:42):
(1:09) What Chris Hayes has failed to realize is it’s all about race and politics. One of the problems with the national media coverage of Ferguson is lack of context. Pay close attention to the names of the anti-McCulloch people here.. Note one thing they all have in common.....
Our favorite (former) VJ Kennedy chimes in on Ferguson from the national perspective: