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Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images In honor of "International Women's Day" one radio station in Alabama removed all women hosts from the air and played only male songs. In observance of "a day without a woman"? This seems crazy to us. How are you honoring women this way? Alabama...
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images Some people are claiming she should be thanking the boycotters but really it just shows how small and petty they are. Goodness always winds up coming to the top eventually. Good for Ivanka! Lefty Boycott Fails! Ivanka’s Brand Scores Record Sales
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images There's nothing President Trump is doing, policy-wise, that is negatively affecting women... unless you want to have an abortion at Planned Parenthood. Here he is signing legislation that will give women an advantage in the STEM field.
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images Linwood "Woody" Kaine is arrested protesting at a pro-Trump rally. This refers to the conflicts as "interactions" and fails to mention that the women that got hit in the head with a smoke bomb was a Trump supporter.
Credit: Pool / Pool Kids screamed with excitement when the 45th President surprised them with a brief appearance during their White House tour. Watch below:
Credit: Pool / Pool The #NeverTrumpers and loony libs are doing whatever it takes to pin down something wrong with President Trump; it seems like they are running out of material. Read full article HERE.
Credit: Alex Wong / Staff From Trump polls to our crazy cousin Unbuku, Jamie and Kevin Jackson catch up on Trump signing a new executive order and Ben Carson's slave and immigration comments. Listen to interview Part 1: Part 2:
Credit: Carl Court / Staff Jamie speaks with Pam Geller on the largest dump of confidential documents on the CIA proved by Wikileaks. "This latest dump speaks to a careless, reckless CIA that would give access to this kind of information to thousands of people," Geller explains...
Credit: Todd Warshaw / Stringer You may not have known this but there are three Republican candidates running for St. Louis Mayor and they are not going down without a fight. Jamie interviews Andrew Jones on The Allman Report to discuss St. Louis being controlled by Democrats...