Allman's Electric Stove

Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for UNICEF Check on this twisting of logic. Basically, O'Donnell is claiming that Russia is responsible for the chemical attack in Syria because they wanted to give President Trump the opportunity to 'defy' them so to say. Ugh.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images In February President Trump made a promise to people of faith across the fruited plain. Click here for a free subscription to Todd’s newsletter: a must-read for Conservatives! “My administration will do everything in its power to defend and...
Credit: U.S. Navy / Handout Jim Carafano speaks with Jamie about President Trump's quick decision making on launching the missiles into Syria. "This is pretty impressive for a guy who hasn't even been on the job for a dozen weeks," Carafano explains. Listen below:
Credit: Pool / Pool Annie Frey gives her take on the US launching missiles into Syria. "I'm not someone who would like to be an interventionist, but we have to stand for something," Frey explains. Also, Annie and Jamie talk about the fun times at Allman in the Evening! Listen...
To check out the photo gallery from Allman In The Evening, click photo below:
Jamie and Todd recap the funny moments from Allman in the Evening. We had a blast last night meeting the best fans in the world and doing T-shirt giveaways, stand-up comedy, book signings and listening to Henry Davis sing about Trump. Listen to recap below:
Credit: Jemal Countess / Staff The least credible person tries to talk about the cost of launching missiles into Syria. Brian Williams uses "clever" jargon like 'clearing the tube' when complaining about the operation. Watch below:
Credit: John Moore / Staff The United States launched 59 cruise missiles into Syria after a mass chemical attack Tuesday. President Trump announces missile strikes on Syria: Read article here.
Credit: Win McNamee / Staff Political Directors of the advocacy group Patriotic Millionaires Benjamin Singer and John Pudner join Jamie in studio to discuss 'draining the swamp' and what their organization represents. Listen to interview below: