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Photo by Stock Montage/Stock Montage/Getty Images The church that George Washington attended is considering taking down a plaque that honors our first president. To read more, CLICK HERE.
Photo by George Rose/Getty Images Who remembers waiting in anticipation for the Heinz ketchup to drip out of the bottle? Watch below: Video of classic Heinz Ketchup Anticipation TV ad 1979
Photo by Altan Gocher/NurPhoto via Getty Images Jolene Brackey author of Creating Moments of Joy Along the Alzheimers Journey: A Guide for Families and Caregivers joins Jamie in studio: Garden View Care Centers | Enhanced Moments
Photo by Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images Dr. Eric Nepute joins Jamie to discuss President Trump declaring the opioid crisis a national public health emergency. Drip America | Nepute Wellness
Photo by Cris Faga/NurPhoto via Getty Images After months of planning, securing sponsors and promoting, Amazing Pet Expo cancelled their annual event in St. Charles. Why? They claim a rogue accountant believed their COO to be the Antichrist. What? Organizers of canceled pet expo...
Photo by: Jeff Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images A morning news show thought it would be fun to take the Carolina Reaper #OneChipChallenge... It went terribly wrong. Watch below: Video of Morning news show tries Carolina Reaper #OneChipChallenge, goes badly
Photo by Gonzalo Marroquin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images This whole time the left wanted investigations into a Trump/Russia collusion and now they are getting exactly what they wished for, except Trump isn’t the one in the spotlight. Jim Talent weighs in on the Uranium One...
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images Jamie and Ed discuss the Clinton’s and DNC funding the anti-Trump dossier during the 2016 election. Ed Henry answers the question: Where is this going? Listen below:
Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images Lou Dobbs sat down with President Trump to discuss fake news, the wall, and NAFTA. Full interview of President Trump and Lou Dobbs below: Video of Lou Dobbs Tonight 10/24/17 - Lou Dobbs Tonight October 24, 2017 CLINTON...