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Credit: Mark Wilson / Staff Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked 46 Obama-era prosecutors to submit their resignations. To read full story, click HERE.
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images The Gateway Pundit joins Jamie this morning with reports of strife at a White House press briefing. Hear their interview below:
Credit: Pool / Pool ABC's David Wright insists that President Trump was listening to Sean Hannity for governing advice. Can we really be surprised that there are more 'fake news' memes from the mainstream media that have zero evidence and substance when making accusations...
Credit: Michael Thomas / Stringer Jamie speaks with Rodney Boyd on the 'traditional' media creating their own narratives on why Gov. Greitens will not do interviews. Also, we get updates from the 2017 Mayoral Race. Listen below:
Credit: Sean Gardner / Stringer Kyle Bucsh and Joey Logano get into altercation in a post-race brawl. Watch below: Read full article here.
Photo by Erik S. Lesser-Pool/Getty Images Jamie and Jim Carafano discuss what's really going on with the wiretapping allegations, WikiLeak-leaks, unsubstantiated (see what we did there) ties to Russia and so much more:
Credit: Elijah Nouvelage / Stringer Anti-Trump protests, liberal agendas and women missing work clouded up the true meaning of celebrating International Women's Day and Annie Frey has had enough of it. Jamie speaks with Annie on not missing work and still being able to celebrate...
Credit: Win McNamee / Staff Ryan's Obamacare-lite plan will replace Obamacare's health mandate penalty with a larger penalty. Read full article HERE.
Credit: Aaron P. Bernstein / Stringer Maxine Waters claims Trump dossier is 'absolutely true' without presenting evidence. It's funny that the mainstream media and Democrats coined the term 'fake news' and that is all they report about now. Watch interview below: