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Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images This entire interview is a disgusting display of Lindsey Graham LOVING the press as he giggles and flirts. The scariest part of this interview comes at 5:57 when he admits he has no idea how to handle the repeal of Obamacare. Basically, he says he...
Jeff Waldman from Bethesda Health joins Jamie in-studio to discuss emergency medical kits and how to be prepared in life-threatening situations. For more information, CLICK HERE. Listen below: Video of Jeff Waldman from Bethesda Health
Jamie speaks with Janice Stillman, the editor of the Old Farmers’ Almanac , about the winter forecast 2017-2018, gardening, and astronomy. Listen to interview below:
Conservative political activist Pamela Geller lost her voice yelling over students during a free speech rally at UC Berkeley. She describes the scene as a ‘zoo.’ Watch FULL interview HERE.
Joshua Lott/Getty Images Watch FULL speech below: Video of Trump Unveils Tax Reform Plan
Jamie welcomes 2018 MO Senate candidate Courtland Sykes : Official Press Release: "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: COURTLAND SYKES ANNOUNCES US SENATE RUN IN MISSOURI US Senate Candidate Courtland Sykes Kicks Off Campaign by Pledging to Limit Himself to Two Terms, to Support Smaller...
Jamie welcomes Chris Seyer of Seyer Industries to discuss Manufacturing Day 2017 in St. Charles:
Photo by James Devaney/GC Images Good grief. How, and why, is Hillary still making the media circuit? Video of Hillary Clinton On Trump: “Hopefully He Hasn’t Ordered The Killing Of People And Journalists”
Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images New York Times columnist Bret Stephens on Hardball with Chris Matthews. Stephens is a NeverTrumper and lefties LOVE it: NYT’s Stephens: U.S. Flag Isn’t ‘A Totem’ to Worship; Conservatives Should Get Behind Kneelers