Allman's Electric Stove

Cards Spring Training starts this week! Rob and Jamie talk about the future of the team. And just what Matt Holiday is doing over at first base?
Winston Churhill's great grandson, Jonathan Sandy, visited to AITM studio today - what a great President's Day treat! He's in town to honor the 70th anniversary of Churchill's famous "Iron Curtain" speech! Check out the details at
Josh Hawley and Jamie remember Justice Scalia and look ahead to the future.
Jamie and Rodney talk Scalia's passing and the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice... and if Obama might appoint a decoy justice.
Check this out... the frontman for Arcade Fire decided to use his time on ESPN to talk about universal health care. Needless to say, he was shut down fast. Photo courtesy
CLICK HERE for the video Jeb Bush and Donald Trump clashed at the debate on Saturday... with Trumo going after George W, saying he lied to start a war in Iraq. CLICK HERE for the video Despite that, Jeb thinks he exposed Trump at Saturday's debate and was victorious... then...
Jamie and Pat Dodd introduce the Allman in the Morning Junior Patriot Award! Plus, Jim Hoft talks about the new information surrounding Melissa Click.
;photo from his twitter profile. Click Here for his American Spectator Trump Article . Click here for his Heritage article on Oil.
George from explains what exactly a server is.