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Jim Hoft and Jamie discuss unrest, protest and MORE: 1. Black Trump Supporter Crashes Anti-Trump NYC Rally: “Al Sharpton Don’t Speak for All of Us!” 2. WOW! VIDEO– BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTER – STOMPS Anti-Trump Protester in With Confederate Sign at Tucson Rally (Updated) 3. Glenn...
Jamie speaks with Dr. Chuck Willey on the upcoming Convention of States debate at SLU:
George Will compares Donald Trump to George Wallace and follows up by stating Trump appeals only to white people:
Judge Jeanine Pirro says she's been very confused by the establishment GOP anti-Trump rhetoric. Upon further consideration she thinks she may have found the answer: Watch the latest video at Why not check out Jamie's interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro from...
Left-wing activist, April J. Foster, was arrested for assault on a police horse during a Trump rally:
Michelle Fields has a book coming out in June...CLICK HERE for more on the possible hoax.
5:10 You Are a Tourist – Death Cab for Cutie Description: © 2011 WMG. Order our new album "CODES and KEYS" now - The FIRST LIVE, SCRIPTED, ONE-TAKE MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT. EVER. 5:25 The Star Spangled Banner – The Fray Description: The fray...
In the first appearance of a US President speaking on film, Calvin Coolidge speaks about taxes and government spending.