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515 National Anthem - the Frey Video of 0EdiAIki_bU 510 Dont Fence Me In - David Byrne Video of uuMvkNDuOuQ 520 In Gods Country - U2 Video of Cok_vd48cA4 540 Confession - Florida Gerogia Line Video of vwkYxPpmEPE 550 Cant Feel My Face - The Weeknd Video of dqt8Z1k0oWQ 610 Dont...
JJ Carafano shares his opinions on Britain's decision to exit the EU. As Jim always says, "I do policy not politics," however, when asked what President Obama will say about Brexit, "if he's smart - nothing." Video of VM57AvE_sYM
Stacy chimes in on the Brexit vote, affirmative action and education. Hear her interview with Tim below: Video of 1aTI-W1vQ0g
MO gubernatorial candidate, Catherine Hanaway , joins the show to discuss the issues highest on her priority list if she is elected Governor of Missouri. Hanaway says she'd waste no time signing Right to Work legislation. Hear her opinions on that issue and more in the interview...
Trump campaign surrogate, Scottie Nell Hughes , takes a moment to discuss the similarities between the Brexit vote and the success of the Trump campaign. "They are tired of having to take on the problems and bail out every other country and allow all the migrants to come over to...
Political stunt? Speaker Ryan thinks so: Video of BSGNj08mFm0 Read more, HERE .
Britian votes to leave the EU. David Cameron resigns. Trump heads to Scotland. FULL speech: Video of yJ92H2CSTr4
Installment ONE of what we assume will be a series of short videos focused on Hillary's lies. If they're thorough (and you know they will be) it could be a long series.