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Jim Hoft reports that Benjamin Rasmussen, the Yale ‘New’ Republican Co-Chairman, came out in support of Hillary Clinton Monday on Cavuto. To read full article, CLICK HERE.
Sometimes we wonder how in the world Doug Giles comes up with this hilarious stuff! Doug shares his new music video based off of his book PUSSIFICATION: The Effeminization Of The American Male. If you need a good laugh for the day watch below: Video of i2xVYQ5g_4U
Bill Clinton discusses Syrian refugees coming into America and how it would be beneficial in rebuilding Detroit, Michigan. Watch the video below: Video of tgjqzO63XfM
Behind the Scenes on Allman in the Morning! Jamie explains Trump's policy on community banking and the effectiveness that the policy could have for small and inner city businesses. Watch our BHS below: Video of bBZnZgHRFNg
Ruby Giuliani had a lot to say after Beyonce's performance at the VMAs last night. Watch the video below: Video of E3iesc1gTx4 Beyonce Continues to Trash Police at MTV VMAs– PHOTOS 49er’s QB Kaepernick Says He Will Continue to Sit During the National Anthem because Racism (VIDEO) Near Total Media Blackout on Hillary Clinton’s Sunday Mega-Fundraisers (Updated) UNREAL: ESPN Loon Blames Trump...
Credit: Getty Images Host of Insider Talk , Rodney Boyd, joins Jamie to review the latest legislation that has gone into affect in Missouri. Hear their discussion below: Video of aQKCEP2R-yE
This guy's endorsing Hillary. She must be a klan member. Liberal logic. Video of L65RBwrtOeQ More from The Gateway Pundit!
Here's what one former Kapernick fan thinks about his refusal to stand during the national anthem: Video of 1kjYBRy8l7U