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Kevin Jackson speaks with Jamie about the Dallas shootings and the results from the Harvard Study by Roland Fryer. "The minute you present the facts to blacks on the left, they go crazy," Kevin said. Hear the interview below:
Nick Schroer is in studio with Jamie discussing his run for State Rep and his strong beliefs in the Second Amendment. Hear the interview below: Video of qiJ14qZPF-o Check out Nick Shroer's Official Website here . Follow Nick @NickBSchroer
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Genevieve Wood speaks with Jamie about President Obama's remarks from the Dallas Memorial service. President Obama seemed to make the memorial all about himself and lost touch of the true meaning of the service. Hear the interview below: Video of 3F5u69Ctkuk
You've likely not heard about this shooting death by police... because the man was white. Wagoner Police Officer Robert Reynolds fires four rounds at Henson, killing him. Wagoner police say Reynolds got out of his car, telling Henson to come out with his hands up, but, they said...
The MSNBC panel are deer in headlights when they discover the results from the Harvard Study conducted by Roland Fryer. Melodramatic Mike Barnicle claims to have “a headache reading it.” Read full article here .
American former professional wrestler and 38th Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura , talks with Jamie about his new book, "S--- Politicians Say." "Back in the book, we go back to the Founding Fathers and I think you're going to be astounded at some of the quotes and some...
Remigio Pereira, member of a Canadian singing quartet, changed the lyrics in 'O Canada' while holding up a sign proclaiming "All Lives Matter" during pregame performance at the 87th All-Star Game on Tuesday. Watch video below: Video of Ottr-H5Zf_c
Be careful what you wish for and always beware of labels and lists. Remember when the Tea Party was unfairly targeted and investigated? Read more about the petition, HERE .