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Hilary has a new one…elect me because I've even been a daughter…and claims some how she suffered and is victory for past oppression...even compares herself to discriminated against blacks...after a meatball thrown by LA times editorial board suck up:
First, he was pervy to Erin Burnett. Now, to Melania Trump
This guy is great. First, note the mass freakout by the entire FOX10 News team. Then enjoy this tow truck driver's quick wit and clear explaination for the 'incident'. Yeehaw: FOX10 News | WALA
5:10 Madness – Muse Description: The official video for the first single from The 2nd Law, directed by Anthony Mandler. Buy The 2nd Law here: 5:25 The Star Spangled Banner – Charles Glenn Description: Charles Glenn sings the national anthem 5:35 Wish...