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Credit: Getty Images Host of Insider Talk , Rodney Boyd, joins Jamie to review the latest legislation that has gone into affect in Missouri. Hear their discussion below: Video of aQKCEP2R-yE
This guy's endorsing Hillary. She must be a klan member. Liberal logic. Video of L65RBwrtOeQ More from The Gateway Pundit!
Here's what one former Kapernick fan thinks about his refusal to stand during the national anthem: Video of 1kjYBRy8l7U
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It was a double-dose of greatness with Rep. Ann Wagner and Sen. Jim Talent! Rep. Wagner chimes in on Mylan's increase of the EpiPen costs and their running of the market. The conversation then turns to the recent news of an Iranian vessel harrassing a US Navy ship. We turn to...
Jay Ashcroft stopped by the studio this morning to kick off his “Election Integrity Tour”! Hear his interview with Jamie below: Video of 4S2BJmw6wPs
National Anthem - Ricochet Video of iMC-f14Lsjw 522 Undisclosed Desires - Muse Video of R8OOWcsFj0U 535 Jump Into The Fog - The Wombats Video of hpadYhXHgwA 548 Up In The Air - Thirty Seconds To Mars Video of y9uSyICrtow 610 Sign Your Name - Terence Trent D'Arby Video of...
Kevin Jackson speaks with Jamie about Hillary Clinton's health and her appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Hear the interview below: Video of 2qH5tfb_tDs
Rachel Bovard , from, speaks with Jamie about the ups and downs of polling. "Polling can be helpful, but it is a snapshot of one moment in time," Bovard said. Hear the interview below: Video of YQNbAgDGS4g