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Javier Chavez loved his job at Macy’s. The devout Roman Catholic was hired in 1990 as a door guard. A few years later he was promoted to store detective – and he eventually became a senior store detective at the department store’s location in Flushing, Queens. But after more...
We're not sure why she's speaking (lecturing) but Silverman is all in for Hillary: Video of Gnf_eNXhMsQ
Bernie has thrown in the towel for Hillary. His supporters have not: Video of 0h9oN44vx_Q MORE BOOING HERE!
Rob Rains talk with Jamie about the trade deadline and predictions on who they think will be traded in the St. Louis Cardinals. Video of MHsK-xzgFRE
Jay Stewart speaks with Jamie about how he feels about Clinton's VP pick Tim Kaine. Video of r1BIFIBj7fY
510 Dont Fence Me In - David Byrne Video of uuMvkNDuOuQ 520 National Anthem- US Navy Band Video of zIrUEwvsf08 520 Against Me!- Thrash Unreal Video of -p3B9aW8YKk 535 Send My Love- Adele Video of tfR9Kw5Rtxc 548 Lardeo- Band of Horses Video of DfGSqUmcqDk 637 Not My Fault-...
Rodney Boyd gives Jamie an update on the 2016 Missouri Governor's Race. Video of ZxWB5b2K5c0