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2016 Missouri Governor hopeful, Catherine Hanaway , joins the show this morning to discuss her specific campaign focus and the overall election process. Hear her interview with Jamie below: Hanaway Unveils Support for Pro-Life Measures Hanaway Becomes First Gubernatorial...
Whoopi Goldberg Fires Back at Fiorina for Slamming The View: ‘We Welcomed You’ Fiorina over the weekend responded to initial view comments “Double standard, nothing more threatening to liberal media and hillary clinton than a conservative woman”
The pumpkins are still fresh yet the Christmas controversy has begun. Todd Starnes brings us a story about a man under fire over his religious Christmas decorations. There may or may not be a live camel involved... Hear Todd's interview with Jamie below:
Chicago school students circa 2011 harass teacher... no wonder 2015 reached exclamation point: Same Spring Valley high school where white cop was fired for confrontation with black girl…black kid gets into it with black cop who swings at student.....not one thing was ever done...
Jay Stewart joins the show this morning to discuss the current GOP field and final campaign efforts as a new year approaches.
Our friend Dave Glover joins the show this morning to discuss what happened behind-the-scenes of "Exorcism: LIVE!" Hear his interview with Jamie below: Glover Halloween Archive