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Rodney Boyd says watch out for medical marijuana because it's going to be a hot button issue in the Missouri legislature this year.
Caller Chuck can't figure out why Jamie would oppose the no-fly/no-gun suggestion made by President Obama in his speech on terror. This call goes from different POV's to sheer lunacy. Jamie on how to handle a liberal-loony:
CNN reliable sources chump Brian Stetler gets served lunch made out of his own a** and delivered by Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson.... RELEVANT TIME CUES: Stetler can’t understand how media can be wrong about Trump. (:55 what is it the media doesn’t get?) Stetler when faced...
Trump: media glamorizes terrorists: Trump: ISIS Is Brainwashing Young, Impressionable People’: Trump: ‘Paris Is One of the Toughest Cities in the World for Guns’ and ‘You Had Carnage’:
Once again Lester Holt on NBC firmly up the Obama ass... Novemeber 2015 Holt to Obama on Criminal Justice Reform:
Watch the latest video at President Obama took a break from saving the icebergs to weigh in on what he believes to be the true meaning of Christmas – loving tiny trees. The president, along with the first lady, delivered their homage to foliage during an...
5:10 What You Need – INXS 5:25 The Fray 5:35 Eh, Cumpari – Julius La Rosa 5:50 Domani – Julius La Rosa 6:37 Dancing on Glass – St. Lucia 6:50 Adventure of a Lifetime – Coldplay 7:35 Ditmas – Mumford & Sons 7:50 Mercy – Muse 8:20 Chick a Boom Boom – Mocean Worker 8:35...
"(We have) Massive responsibilities. and yet we have been cutting defense, cutting intel, focusing on climate change... We are paying the price for almost decade of indifference about the real national security responsibilities of this government."